Must-have technology tools to grow your retail business online

By utilizing the right technology tools, retail businesses can sell more products, operate more efficiently, and reach more customers online. But smaller companies may not have all the necessary resources and know-how to grow their business online. In this article, we will discuss the different types of technology tools that are essential for retail businesses and how they can be used to improve business performance.

How schools can use IT to save money

Dramatic changes to operations brought about by COVID-19 have forced many New Jersey schools to reassess the way they spend their funds. And with funding challenges, it’s inevitable that business components deemed noncritical will be left by the wayside.

Helpful tips for New Jersey remote workers to stay HIPAA-compliant

It has always been challenging for companies and individuals to stay compliant with the privacy standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The pandemic has only made it even more difficult to safeguard people’s protected health information (PHI) because healthcare and insurance professionals were forced to work from home.

When should nonprofits outsource IT support?

IT is integral to the operations of for- and nonprofit organizations alike. Email is necessary for communications, customer relationship management systems for keeping tabs on people they’re serving, and project management platforms for distributing workloads and ensuring milestones are met.

IT Specialist, Carl A. Scalzo Hits Amazon Best-Seller Lists with YOU Are The #1 Target

IT Specialist, Carl A. Scalzo Hits Amazon Best-Seller Lists with YOU Are The #1 Target.
Carl A. Scalzo ranked on multiple Amazon best-seller lists with the new book, YOU Are The #1 Target.

Whippany, NJ – September 17, 2019 Carl A. Scalzo, Chief Executive Officer of Online Computers, along with a select group of experts and IT Specialist professionals from around the world co-wrote the book, YOU Are The #1 Target, Why Your Business Is Likely To Be The Victim of Cybercrime NOW More Than Ever Before…And What You Can Do To Stop It. The book was published by TechnologyPress™ LLC, an imprint of CelebrityPress® LLC, a leading business book publisher that publishes books from ThoughtLeaders® around the world.

Online Computers CEO and Amazon Bestseller is publishing another book!

Online Computers CEO and Amazon Bestseller, Carl Scalzo, collaborated with a group of technology experts, around the U.S. are is publishing his second book. The book titled, YOU Are The #1 Target: Why Your Business Is More Likely To Be The Victim Of Cybercrime NOW Than Ever Before (And What You Can Do To Stop It) is scheduled to be released in July 2019.

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