Online Computers Participates in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2019

Online Computers Participates in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2019

On Thursday, April 25th, Online Computers participated in the National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. We welcomed 5 girls and boys into our Whippany Office to share the Online Computers experience with them.

Our fun-filled day kicked off with a Welcome Breakfast during which CEO and founder, Carl Scalzo, introduced himself and engaged the kids in a discussion about our business and what we do. His enthusiasm and excitement sparked interest in the kids, and they all couldn’t wait to take part in the day’s scheduled activities.

After breakfast, the boy and girls were given a tour of our office where they had the opportunity to meet with the entire team, one-on-one. Our team members explained their specific role in the company, and the kids did not shy away from asking questions.

Once the office tour was complete, the kids participated in a scavenger hunt around the office. The items on their lists included various objects including: an orange highlighter, a hole punch, a stapler, and more. One of the favorites was having to take a photo copy of their hand.

There was plenty of time spent on educational activities including a session on cybersecurity and hands-on coding and computer building experiences with our Tech Team and Applications Team.

The day at Online Computers wouldn’t be complete without a pizza party shared with their parents and an afternoon ice-cream treat with the U.S. Coast Guard! The kids enjoyed a delicious ice cream sundae while Steve and Sherry Kisver gave a great presentation on the Coast Guard and water safety. The kids were very entertained and especially liked trying on the various life vests presented and testing the air horns.

Overall, the kids learned a lot of great information and enjoyed themselves. Sharing what we do at work is so much more than checking a box that we hosted a Take Your Kids to Work Day event. The boys and girls got to experience our culture, see that their parents are hardworking and have an important job, and that there’s always room for fun and laughter in the workplace. With such a successful day, we are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Click here to see more photos from the event.

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