Recent Phishing Email Campaigns…Be Alert!

Recent Phishing Email Campaigns…Be Alert!

Be alert for phishing emails!


Office 365 and Zoom users are being targeted in realistic phishing campaigns in order to steal login information. The emails are portrayed as urgent and “threaten” the user’s ability to continue using their accounts.


Office 365:

The Office 365 phishing email impersonates Microsoft. It demands that the recipient upgrades their Outlook services within 24 hours, otherwise they’ll experience a delay in receiving emails. If clicked on, the link leads to a look-alike fake login page. Do NOT enter your credentials! Verify on Microsoft’s site if you are unsure of the authenticity of the email. Typically, if an email says a service is being suspended soon, it’s fake. Always double check!


phishing email screenshot

Microsoft Outlook Phishing Email



The Zoom phishing email mimics a real Zoom email you might receive and warns the recipient that their account was temporarily suspended and that they will not be able to attend meetings or calls until they reactivate their account. The link directs the user to a fake Office 365 login page.


zoom phishing screenshot

Zoom Phishing Email (Image Source: Abnormal Security)


Online Computers wants all users to stay up to date on current security threats. Be wary when opening emails you’re unsure of, spread the news with others, and never provide personal information unless you’re 100% sure the email or webpage is valid. Always check on the official site—in this case, Zoom or Microsoft—to find out if what the email claims is true. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here or call us at 800-985-9368.

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