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5 Tech trends retailers can’t ignore

Large-scale shifts in market behavior mean that businesses must adjust or suffer biting the dust of their competitors. Lately, adjusting to market shifts means adopting tech that brick-and-mortar shops never had to use before. Let’s look at some of the most recent tech trends to date.

How can IT improve your retail business?

With COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out across the country, people are hoping for lockdowns to be lifted and for state economies to reopen completely. Brick-and-mortar retailers, in particular, are eager for foot traffic in their stores to return to pre-COVID levels.

Improve cybersecurity by going passwordless

Despite being widely used for authentication, passwords are by far the weakest link in cybersecurity today. With easy-to-remember and reused passwords especially vulnerable to a wide range of attacks, passwords alone do not provide adequate security for sensitive information and systems.

How to tell if your VoIP system has been hacked

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly relying on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology because of its merits as a communication solution. It’s flexible, scalable, and highly efficient, enabling businesses to connect and collaborate with their employees, partners, and clients in a more convenient and less expensive way than traditional phone services.

3 Crucial tips for defending against ever-evolving cyberthreats

Maintaining and bolstering one’s cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure is critical for any business operating in the digital age. This becomes more important as business processes are migrated to digital platforms. The ease, flexibility, and convenience such platforms provide comes at the cost of unique security vulnerabilities that must be addressed, particularly if a business wants to take advantage of these benefits.

Why phishing scams are more effective on mobile devices

Phishing scams are one of the most common and insidious cyberattacks. They involve the use of deceptive messages to get victims to volunteer information to the attacker or click on malware-laced links. To increase the effectiveness of their attacks, cybercriminals will often assume the identity of a trustworthy individual or entity like a bank manager or a well-known organization.

Should your business use Google My Business?

Google My Business is one of the many tools you can use to promote your business online. To get started, you can work with your managed IT services provider (MSP) to set up an account. But if you don't have an MSP, don't fret. Setting up Google My Business is easy, and this guide will give you an overview of its functions, features, and benefits.

Best practices for backup management

The year 2020 was truly a disruptive year, not just because of the global health crisis but also due to the increase of cybersecurity threats. As more people shifted to digital platforms, attackers also got more creative with their schemes. In fact, cybersecurity experts predict that in 2021, businesses can experience a cyberattack incident every 11 seconds.

Why is zero trust important for your business?

As if a pandemic wasn't enough to disrupt business operations, the year 2020 also brought in new and even bigger cybersecurity threats. And because cybersecurity threats will always be present and ever changing, businesses must be able to adapt in order to secure their data and protect their customers.

Why you should partner with an MSP in 2021

The world is still experiencing the effects of the global pandemic that hit its peak in 2020. Even though it was a health crisis, its negative effects were felt in every aspect of society, including the business sector. Some businesses were forced to reconsider and eventually change how they operate and deliver value to customers.

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