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10 Ways Microsoft Co-Pilot can supercharge your business

Being competitive in the modern business landscape requires constant innovation and optimization. However, it's difficult to stay ahead of the game when mundane tasks eat away at your team's valuable time and hinder their creativity. You can turn the tables with Microsoft Co-Pilot, your AI-powered assistant ready to charge alongside you.

A remote worker’s guide to enhanced device security

Remote work gives employees the freedom to work wherever and however they like, but this arrangement also invites security risks. Having the freedom to use personal devices for remote work can give cybercriminals a gateway into your company’s network and valuable assets.

Guardians of Data: A Deep Dive into HIPAA Compliance

Webinar Details: Tuesday, January 30th 2024
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

In the face of escalating cyber threats impacting HIPAA-covered providers, safeguarding patient data and ensuring compliance is critical to avoid potential fines and reputation damage.

Join us for a concise webinar where we’ll share actionable insights to enhance your cybersecurity resilience.

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End-user training vs. advanced threat detection: Where should your cybersecurity budget go?

In coming up with a cybersecurity budget for your small or medium-sized business in New Jersey, you may find yourself with a dilemma: Where should you spend your money — training your staff on cybersecurity best practices or upgrading your cybersecurity tools?

End-user training versus advanced threat detection
End-user training and advanced threat detection are both crucial components of cybersecurity, but they serve different purposes.

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