Apps & Data

We’re idea-focused, using custom business intelligence and databases to improve your bottom line


Your business needs are unique so you may need special software solutions that work well with your existing systems. Through continuous development and testing, Online Computers will build a program that suits your actual needs, so you hit business productivity levels you previously thought unreachable.

Trust our certified experts to develop advanced, user-friendly computer- and mobile-specific apps and database systems that help you achieve business goals. And because we’re fully committed to your success, we’ll provide comprehensive support during and after deployment, ensuring full compliance with our SLA.

Our in-depth experience with software development means we can develop custom programs for the education, healthcare, nonprofit, and other industries.

Online Computers experts have developed a variety of advanced software, including:

  • Content Management systems
  • Mass mailing systems
  • Inventory Management systems
  • Enterprise Risk Management systems
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