The Cloud

Gain direct access to all your data & apps from anywhere, anytime!

The Cloud offers you the chance to reduce capital investments by employing a cost-efficient, non-physical entity that enables employees to access and work on business files outside the office through any internet-connected device.

Online Computers’ cloud solutions offer a secure and efficient IT ecosystem that allows you to focus on improving business practices. From email and communications, to full-fledged database hosting, our cloud computing service does it all. And don’t worry about maintenance, upgrades and migrations — our experts will handle that too.


With Online Computers' Cloud solutions, you'll never have to worry about managing and maintaining equipment, or keeping things running smoothly!

Cloud services from Online Computers are:

  • Scalable - increase or decrease your cloud capacity on an as-needed basis
  • Flexible - access business data and files on any internet-enabled device
  • Economical - cloud computing services improve efficiency and positively impact your bottom line
  • Tailor-made - get cloud solutions built around your business requirements

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