Do Macs need cybersecurity interventions?

Macs have a reputation for having good cybersecurity, as Apple has made it their top priority to maintain the integrity of the Apple ecosystem. All things considered, Macs remain some of the most secure computing devices on the market. But that doesn’t mean that Macs are invulnerable.

How to solve the 5 most common VoIP issues

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are known for all the ways they improve business communication and cut costs, but it’s not immune to technical issues. While the first instinct for many users when issues crop up would be to call tech support, a large majority of VoIP issues can actually be resolved by users themselves.

What is spyware, and why is it dangerous?

Spyware refers to any kind of malicious software designed to gather data about victims. While that’s a fairly loose definition, and there’s a lot of crossover with other forms of malware, it’s not something you want to have anywhere near your business network.

The elements of a strong backup strategy for your business

When disaster strikes, a lot of businesses never reopen their doors again due to massive losses. Most of the time, this happens because they failed to prepare in advance with a comprehensive backup strategy and business continuity plan. In other cases, businesses might have had plans in place, but these were too outdated and irrelevant to be useful.

Why you need to schedule your backups

As the spate of ransomware attacks and other catastrophes of recent years have proven, not all businesses are adequately prepared for data loss. It’s not so much a question of if disaster will strike, but when — and you need to be prepared when it does.

8 Tips for improving your video conferences

Video conferencing has proven essential in today’s remote work environments for maintaining a corporate culture of strong teamwork and connectedness. That said, most of us are familiar with the common issues and challenges that remain, such as poor streaming quality and lack of security.

New Microsoft Teams Feature – Live Captions

Real-time captioning is a recently added feature for Microsoft Teams meetings.

This is a brilliant addition to Teams. We want to praise Teams for being more inclusive to those who are hearing-impaired and for those not fluent in English. Currently, Teams is only offering captions in English, but we have no doubt that they’re working on adding multiple other languages.

Customer Service – Ingrained in our Values

We’re a technology company. We love technology; we are technology. But Shep Hyken is right. No amount of video chatting can replace having a conversation with someone in person. At Online Computers, we get pretty close to that, though.

Online Computers is rooted in helping others.

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