Do Macs need cybersecurity interventions?

Do Macs need cybersecurity interventions?

Macs have a reputation for having good cybersecurity, as Apple has made it their top priority to maintain the integrity of the Apple ecosystem. All things considered, Macs remain some of the most secure computing devices on the market. But that doesn’t mean that Macs are invulnerable. Internet crooks are always seeking ways to exploit any operating system’s vulnerabilities — and that includes Mac’s proprietary operating system, macOS.

So, do Macs need cybersecurity interventions? Yes — to prevent internet-borne attacks and to avoid having to deal with the hassles of recovering from a data breach. Let macOS’s reputation for security grant you some peace of mind, but it would still do you and your organization a whole lot of good to be proactive about your New Jersey business’s cybersecurity practices. The benefits of having proactive Mac cybersecurity tools in place far outweigh their costs.

Myth: Macs do not get malware

Contrary to popular belief, Macs CAN get malware. Apple has taken many measures to protect its operating systems from malware, but any digital system can be weakened or scouted for weaknesses to be infiltrated. The cyberthreat environment is always evolving, and criminal operators are always looking for creative ways to exploit even the most secure of systems.

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One only needs to check macOS update notes to see how seriously Apple takes malware threats. According to the macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 update notes released in May 2021, the update fixed some state management memory problems that caused memory corruption issues and possible arbitrary code execution. These issues may be exploited by attackers to elevate their access to administrator level, as well as to bypass privacy preferences set by a user. Apple was also transparent about the fact that the security gap was a zero-day vulnerability, and that the problem may have already been actively exploited.

What can you do for your office Macs?

Your office Macs should definitely be preconfigured with certain IT tools such as IT controls and overrides before deployment. Doing the following steps will also allow your IT team or provider to apply the following actions to further protect your network:

1. Implement internet security policies

Your internet security policies shouldn’t be left static, as the world of cyberthreats never is. Make your internet security policies adaptable to developments in the cyberthreat landscape, as certain policies tend to become obsolete rather quickly. Expect to continuously tighten and refine your security policies over time.

It would be smart to expect rolling updates and improvements to your policies, such as those related to user passwords and data management protocols. Ideally, your staff should change critical passwords every two weeks, and you should regularly improve your data management to address any new threat or attack technique that comes in.

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2. Promptly install updates as they arrive

Don’t brush your updates off because cybercriminals only need a small window of time to discreetly inject your computers with malware. And once these malicious programs are inside, it can be difficult to identify and filter their actions from your sensitive data. Worse, these malware are typically precursors to larger-scale operations such as ransomware attacks.

Security upgrades are essential and should never be put aside for any reason. A competent IT team or provider will find a way to patch software as soon as possible while limiting downtime.

3. Install enterprise-grade IT security software

Lastly, you should look into installing the best IT security software within your budget. Many personal macOS users do away with third-party security software because these can be pricey for single users, but businesses shouldn’t leave their systems to chance. It’s always better to have extra layers of security than none at all.

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