New Microsoft Teams Feature – Live Captions

New Microsoft Teams Feature – Live Captions

Real-time captioning is a recently added feature for Microsoft Teams meetings.

This is a brilliant addition to Teams. We want to praise Teams for being more inclusive to those who are hearing-impaired and for those not fluent in English. Currently, Teams is only offering captions in English, but we have no doubt that they’re working on adding multiple other languages.

How can I turn captions on?

It’s very simple. At the start of your meeting, go to meeting controls, select More Options, and then Turn on Live Captions.



You may be wondering, is this secure? What happens to the captions after the meeting is over?

Microsoft addressed those who are concerned with the live captions being saved after a confidential meeting is over. They assured that caption data is deleted after the meeting, so no need to worry about information getting in the wrong hands.

We're loving this update. It makes Teams easier for those who prefer captions and it is extremely helpful for the hearing-impaired to have that as an option now. At Online Computers, we have clients in other countries who are not proficient in English, so this addition to Teams will help us communicate with them even better than before.

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