Boost your employee productivity by partnering with an MSP

Boost your employee productivity by partnering with an MSP

For small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), employee productivity is crucial to success. This is especially relevant in New Jersey, where small businesses comprise almost half of the workforce. The less manpower available, the more important it is that employees pull their own weight and wear several hats at the same time. But if manpower shortage isn’t addressed over time, it can lead to overworked and unhappy employees.

Because many SMBs use technology, it’s not surprising that they require their employees to have a bit of basic IT knowledge. This is because SMBs typically have an IT department of just one or two people servicing the whole organization; they cannot be everywhere at all times. Everyone has experienced troubleshooting an IT problem on their own, whether it’s their desktop refusing to switch on or figuring out how to activate a video conferencing app. Having rudimentary IT knowledge is another hat most employees are asked to wear.

This is where a managed services provider (MSP) like Online Computers comes in.

What is an MSP?

If you’re an SMB, think of an MSP as your outsourced IT department and more. You enjoy the services of a full IT department, except they’re not taking up space in your office.

Your MSP oversees your IT system via the web. They manage your office email, hardware and software updates, sales inventories, company websites, and customer relationship management software. They can even provide hardware and software, if needed.

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Boosting employee productivity

Because an MSP like Online Computers offers a full range of services to SMBs, it can help boost employee productivity in so many ways.

What an MSP offers How it boosts productivity
24/7 monitoring with timely maintenance and support We monitor your system remotely. If there’s a system breakdown, our IT experts can swoop in as quickly as possible and fix things. Interruptions to daily operations are kept to a minimum, so your employees can continue with their duties.
Regular IT infrastructure update We promptly update all security patches to ensure your daily operations are seamless.
Comprehensive security solutions Your office data is the lifeblood of your company. We keep it safe and back it up regularly, so your operations avoid lengthy interruptions should a disaster or a cyberattack occur.
Access to the latest technology We keep ourselves updated with the latest IT trends and cutting-edge technology. We can offer you innovative technology that helps further increase employee productivity.
Long-term strategy assistance We provide industry knowledge so you can plan what technologies you need to achieve your goals.
Cloud-based services Thanks to mobile technology, internet connectivity, and cloud-based services, more employees are now able to work remotely. Cloud-based solutions also increase productivity by allowing better, faster collaboration and enabling employees to work anytime, anywhere.
Compliance requirements Certain industries require businesses to comply with strict regulations on data security and privacy. We make sure your business meets industry regulations. That way, your employees can do their jobs properly without fear of failing to comply with compliance regulations.
Ability to quickly scale up or down as needed We match our level of support with your business’s needs. Our experts can build a stronger network, upgrade your software, and add computers to your workplace as your business grows. Because of this, your employees, even new hires, can hit the ground running.
Full range of managed IT services Free your employees from wearing an IT hat aside from their own; allow them to focus on what they were hired to do. You get to leverage the core competencies of the people you hired.

Partner with Online Computers

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Is your business based in and around New Jersey? Does your SMB not have any in-house IT department, or have one but is severely undermanned and overwhelmed? Consider partnering with us. We have trusted experts and experience, as well as affordable and flexible solutions and services, to help you achieve your IT and business objectives. Let your staff work on making your business grow, and leave the technology to us. Contact us now!

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