3 Reasons why your business should use a VPN

3 Reasons why your business should use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) adds security and privacy to public networks, such as wireless hotspots, by rerouting all traffic through a secure server. While VPNs are great for consumers, business-grade solutions offer additional security measures so employees are even more confident they can access the internet safely.

Every device connected to the internet has a unique identifier known as an IP address. With a VPN, the original IP address is hidden from the public internet, as well as any other server you’re connected to on the internet. Instead, an anonymous IP address belonging to the VPN provider is displayed.

Your business should consider VPN as a must-have, but a consumer-grade solution isn’t good enough to protect your digital assets. Many of these services, particularly those that are offered for free, may still collect usage data and other potentially sensitive information that can compromise your security infrastructure.

When you use an enterprise-grade VPN solution, all your internet traffic is rerouted through a remote server to protect the privacy and anonymity of your business and employees. It lets you use the internet safely from anywhere, provided all devices used for work are on VPN.

Your business will enjoy the following benefits when you use an enterprise-grade VPN solution:

#1 Enable safe remote working

Remote work is far more than just the latest fad — it’s the new norm. In a world where people are empowered by modern technology, your employees can now choose to work wherever they want using their preferred devices. All they need is internet access.

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Remote work comes with some risks. One of the biggest problems with workforce mobility is that employees end up connecting to unsecured public networks, such as wireless hotspots or poorly protected home networks. In such cases, a hacker with the right software may be able to intercept traffic between the device and the local router.

Business-grade VPNs let you set up a network that’s exclusive to your organization. It uses the same internet infrastructure but sits on top of the public internet. Only those allowed access can use your network. This greatly reduces the security risks when your employees work from home or from public locations such as coffee shops and parks with unsecured public internet.

#2 Encrypt all business communications

Connecting to the internet through an unsecured wireless hotspot is risky because any traffic that’s unencrypted can be intercepted and misappropriated by a hacker. If, however, the data in transit is encrypted, it will be useless to anyone who gets their hands on it.

With business-grade VPNs, all data will be encrypted in transit, even when employees are connecting to websites that aren’t protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

It’s important to remember that using a VPN doesn’t automatically mean all data in transit is encrypted. In fact, with some consumer-grade services, encryption may not be provided at all. It’s not enough to simply channel data through a third-party VPN server — you also need to ensure that the service provides end-to-end encryption using the latest security standards.

#3 Avoid local browsing restrictions

If you’ve ever tried to access the internet while abroad, you’ve probably found yourself facing annoying localized browsing restrictions and messages like, “This content isn’t available in your country.” Many websites, Google being the best-known example, also default to their localized versions when browsing from a foreign country.

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Since a VPN reroutes all web traffic through a remote server, websites and any online services you use will think you’re connecting from the same location as that server. For example, if you’re on a business trip to Berlin, but your VPN server is here in New Jersey, you’ll be able to continue using the internet just like you would at home.

When it comes to today’s connected global marketplace, you’ll find it easier and faster to do business when you’re able to use the internet without being subjected to local browsing restrictions or default language changes. That’s another reason why having a VPN is a must-have for business travel.

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