Level up your business with a managed service provider

Level up your business with a managed service provider

Thanks to advances in technology, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) now have the means to compete with bigger companies. But with the all-too-swift developments in technology, SMB owners may have a difficult time figuring out the right technical solutions they need to further grow their business. That’s why more and more SMBs are turning to managed service providers to take care of their IT needs.

What is a managed service provider (MSP)?

MSPs are companies that offer outsourced IT support services and proactive IT maintenance under a subscription model. That could encompass any number of things, but at a minimum most MSPs perform the following essential IT services:

  • Network security
  • – The number of SMBs that experienced cyberattacks rose from 55% in 2016 to 61% in 2017. Cybercriminals find SMBs easier targets than bigger companies because the latter are usually better protected. Your MSP will provide the hardware, software, and cybersecurity expertise to protect your network at all times.

  • Network administration
  • – MSPs are proactive, not reactive. They will manage your IT system 24/7 to make sure downtime does not happen and productivity is not interrupted.

  • Reliable response services
  • – Because they provide support 24/7, MSP experts can respond to requests for help at any time. They can advise you on what solutions to procure based on your needs, and if certain problems persist, they can help you resolve them.

  • Cloud computing and data backup
  • – Cloud computing refers to having remote servers store, manage, and process data, instead of a server or workstation located in your office. The cloud can also be used to store your data backups. MSPs can help your company make efficient use of the cloud, reducing costs while allowing your employees to access data and work from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

MSPs also offer other IT services, like business continuity, disaster recovery plans, VoIP phone systems, etc. Each additional service you sign up for adds more value since the MSP already understands the needs and goals of your organization.

With all those MSP-provided services, your business can maximize the advantages that technology brings, and increase efficiency and productivity at a more effective cost. Here are several reasons why partnering with an MSP can take your business to the next level.

#1 MSPs reduce the risks
Business success isn't certain, and keeping yours on the right track means taking some risks. By partnering with an MSP, your company shares the risks with a team of IT professionals. They have better knowledge of IT, and they will be proactive about securing your network and preventing potential risks even before they happen.

#2 It’s easier to budget with MSPs
Instead of having to deal with several vendors and ballooning support requirements, you only deal with one to get all the services you need. Because MSPs charge a flat monthly fee, you can better predict your expenses.

#3 You can scale up quickly
Your IT needs will change drastically over time. As your business becomes more profitable, you will need to expand your operations and during lean times, you may even have to scale back a bit. An MSP can easily scale up or down the scope, size, and range of managed services, depending on your needs.

#4 Access to IT professionals
You won’t need to blow your entire new-hire budget on expensive IT professionals. An MSP has a variety of experienced experts dedicated to specialized areas of IT. So if you encounter an unusual IT problem, chances are your MSP experts have already seen it before and will know how to handle it.

#5 Access to new technology
Because their business depends on it, MSPs are always updated with the latest technology. They will be the ones who’ll invest in them, including training and implementation, giving you access to new solutions with almost none of the risks.

#6 Better focus for your business
With a trusted MSP as your partner, you can better focus on your core competency. You take care of running your business while your MSP takes care of your IT.

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