I think there is a trend in the nonprofit world – our resources are generally less than the for-profit world. The concerns I would have if I were running another nonprofit organization is: How do you keep pace with the times regarding hardware, software and infrastructure, when your resources are ...Read More

Joshua R.
Executive Director
National Non-Profit

I wanted to take the time to write up a big thank you and give much kudos to the new IT department that has been in place since the start of the new school year. It is very reassuring to know that any problem that arises (whether it be a printer issue, a smartboard issue, an internet problem or some ...Read More

Alyson F.
Office Staff
K-12 Education

OC really came through for us in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. They stayed in touch with us during the storm and then raced to get us situated immediately after. With their help, we were able to get the week’s paper finished only one day late and get back to a nearly normal schedule for our ...Read More

Rick K.
Chief Operating Officer/General Manager
New Jersey News Publication

When you partner with Tom and his technical team from Online Computers, you get the best attitude, the best hardware and software, the best implementation and the best support.

Our organization’s network infrastructure was less than poor, with frequent dropouts which ...Read More

Avi S.
School Management System Administrator
K-12 Education

I am continuously impressed with the prompt response and more importantly, the immediate resolution to any issues involving computers, printers, laptops, smartboards, etc. It has been an incredibly positive experience this year to have working, functional and plentiful technology and equipment to ...Read More

Christine G.
Special Services Coordinator
K-12 Education

It began with a professional assessment of our present situation, an extensive review of our perceived needs and a strong collaboration with our current IT head. We worked well together via emails and a number of face to face meetings developing a plan of action that would meet our requirements & ...Read More

Steve K.
Educational Director
K-12 Education

You guys are great!! I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts. There is no question that our ability to open our lower school on time and with all of the necessary technology could not have happened without you. I know that this truly was a team effort and each of you contributed your part ...Read More

Joyce R, PhD
Head of School
K-12 Education

Since hiring Online Computers, we have received constant network availability and application support. I have a great relationship with the staff, especially our on-site tech, Rushi. Rushi is always ‘Johnny-On-The-Spot’ to get things taken care of. He anticipates and communicates ...Read More

Jerry S.
Manager of Operations
K-12 Education

The migration of service to Online Computers could not have been easier. We set a date to make a change, and they sent a team of people to change passwords, move data, set backup internet providers and data, and take overall charge. They provide a staff person to be on site and when ...Read More

Michael G.
Executive Director
K-12 Education

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