How to make smarter business IT investments

How to make smarter business IT investments

Upgrading infrastructure, updating IT policies, and introducing new technology are all necessary steps in keeping a business profitable. The pandemic has made it clear that if you can't adapt your technology to the changing landscape, you will be left behind. But how can you ensure that the IT investments you make are smart ones?

If you want your New Jersey business to stay ahead of the curve, follow these tips when investing in IT.

Evaluate existing IT infrastructure

You don't have to overhaul your entire IT infrastructure at once. In many cases, it’s more cost-effective to make incremental adjustments by replacing the aspects of your technology that are most in need of upgrades or can make the most impact on your business.

For instance, some hardware may be outdated but can still function well enough that they don’t need to be replaced immediately. In this case, you can focus your investments on software or cloud-based solutions, which are more future-proof and offer greater flexibility.

To identify what needs to be updated or replaced and how urgent the upgrades should be, evaluate your existing infrastructure against your business objectives. Which technology is holding you back? What tools can better help you reach your goals? Answering these will help you determine which IT investments to prioritize.

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Re-examine service level agreements (SLAs)

Because your business needs change as your organization matures and grows, you should review your SLAs with your IT service providers regularly. This ensures that the terms of service are still appropriate and offer the best possible value for your company. If the SLAs no longer meet your expectations, don't be afraid to renegotiate or switch providers.

Bundle services under one provider

When you rely on multiple vendors or providers, it can be challenging to keep track of discrete solutions or services and ensure that each one is compatible with the rest of your system. By consolidating your IT services under one provider, you can streamline your infrastructure to avoid compatibility issues and get better overall value.

For instance, instead of having a separate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cybersecurity, and cloud services provider, you can find a single provider that offers these services. At Online Computers, for instance, we offer the aforementioned solutions and more. These services can be customized to meet your specific needs, so you can bundle all the tools you need under one contract. This setup makes your processes more efficient and makes expenses predictable, allowing you to save time and money.

Prioritize cybersecurity

The average cost of data breaches in 2022 is $4.35 million To avoid such costly consequences, put cybersecurity on top of your IT investment list. Never skimp on a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, or you could end up paying a much higher price later.

With all the different cybersecurity solutions available, it's important to find one that fits your specific business needs. Online Computers provides a variety of cybersecurity services that enable real-time protection, secure remote access, and email and spam protection, among other things. We can also help you create a cybersecurity strategy that addresses all facets of your business.

Consider future business needs

Investing in IT can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you strategize for the future. For example, if you're planning on expanding your business in the next few years, you'll need to make sure your IT infrastructure can accommodate this growth. Choose scalable and adaptable solutions that can support a bigger workforce and more diverse workloads. Otherwise, you’ll likely spend more money in the future to update your systems.

By evaluating your needs and making informed decisions about where to allocate your budget, you can make smart IT investments that will help your business stay competitive. If you need help getting started, Online Computers offers a free consultation. We'll assess your current infrastructure and objectives to create a customized IT plan that fits your budget. Get in touch with us today.

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