Signs it’s time to outsource your technology

Signs it’s time to outsource your technology

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of technology-related work that your business has to do? Are you struggling to find time to address all of the issues that your customers are having? If so, it may be time to outsource your technology needs to a managed IT services provider. Outsourcing your IT can be a great way to reduce stress and save time. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the signs that indicate it's time to let a third-party expert handle your technology needs.

Your salary expenses are getting too high

If you are spending a large portion of your budget on tech-related salaries, it may be time to outsource. Outsourcing will allow you to enjoy the same level of robust IT services but at a fraction of the usual cost.

IT personnel salaries cost New Jersey businesses an average of $50,000 a year per employee, so hiring a surplus of IT workers is understandably a heavy strain on the budgets of many small businesses. It is far more economical and effective to outsource your basic IT needs to a technology solutions provider and simply maintain a smaller IT team on call for high-value, high-priority tasks.

Your current technology is slowing you down instead of speeding you up

Companies invest in new or emerging technologies always with the hope of achieving faster, more efficient, and more effective workflows and processes. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for businesses to experience slowdowns and information bottlenecks instead of the optimized work processes intended. In many cases, these issues arise from ineffective technology deployments by internal IT teams.

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As business systems grow and become more complicated, technology integrations inherently become more difficult to accomplish. Many IT teams fall into the trap of solving issues with piecemeal solutions, deploying a solution for each problem but not considering that this complex layer of solutions compounds the problem. Some internal IT teams encounter this issue because they fail to take a step back and assess the information system as a whole. And the moment your information system becomes a maze, the risk of data delays and losses rises, which will not just hurt productivity, but also potentially lead to bigger risks like breaches.

Partnering with an IT solutions provider will help you avoid this problem, as they can look at your system with an objective eye and offer your organization solutions outside the box. A huge plus with many providers is that their solutions don’t add additional strain to your information infrastructure, ensuring your operations are as productive as they can be.

You want to focus on your strengths

Staff members of smaller businesses are often forced to wear multiple hats in the course of operations, as these businesses’ limited resources make hiring more people uneconomical. Furthermore, having an “all hands on deck” culture is rather common in many startups and small businesses because these organizations seek to maximize the skills of their existing personnel.

This kind of setup isn’t the most optimal in terms of productivity and profits, however, which makes businesses want to move away from it and just focus on their mission-critical tasks. The best solution is to partner with a managed IT solutions provider. They can take over non-mission-critical technology tasks so businesses can focus on what drives their growth.

You want to minimize your company’s risk

These days, cyberattacks can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the attack. That kind of risk is simply too much for most small businesses to bear, so they seek economical ways to boost their cybersecurity profile. Outsourced IT services are a great option for this scenario, as putting your cybersecurity in the hands of experienced professionals is a cost-effective way to reduce your risk of cyberattacks.

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