6 signs it’s time to consider managed IT services

6 signs it’s time to consider managed IT services

Picture this: You put up shop here in New Jersey because the state offers great incentives for SMBs. Your small business is thriving, you’re expanding and hiring more people, and you’ve embraced technology and made it an integral part of your business.

As you invest more and more in IT, you realize you’re not fully qualified to deal with issues involving VoIP, cloud backups, and ransomware. So you hire one or two “IT guys” to handle your tech needs. You may even think, “Well, we can add more or eventually create an IT department, should we need one.”

But is this really the right approach to a growing business? Maybe -- if you have no intention of further growing it. Otherwise, you’re better off with a managed services provider (MSP) like Online Computers. With our managed services solutions, you get a dedicated team of IT management experts so that you can focus more on running and growing your business.

So, if you are experiencing any of the following technology issues in your company today, then you should seriously consider managed IT services.

You don’t have a dedicated IT professional

You decide to rely on your most tech-savvy employees to manage your IT. The consequence? They’re not being productive in their jobs because they’re off fixing IT issues. And if they’re merely putting out fires instead of planning ahead, then they’re doomed to a break-fix cycle.

An MSP like Online Computers can deploy a dedicated team to focus on your IT needs so your employees can focus on their jobs.

Your IT professionals are always swamped with work

If you hire IT professionals, you expect them to be on top of “everything IT”. Unfortunately that encompasses various tasks that take up a lot of time. And it is tough to predict what IT issues will come up or what needs have to be addressed.

Online Computers will deploy the necessary number of IT experts who can finish the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. We'll even make sure that the right experts are assigned to address your specific issues.

You have chronic or unresolved IT problems

Problems recur if your IT staff lacks the necessary expertise or experience. Remember that IT covers an extensive scope of work -- an expert in Windows may not be qualified to fix issues with Apple computers, and vice versa.

With an MSP, you get a whole team of experts in various areas of IT. They can identify your IT needs and offer long-term solutions. It’s like having a hospital full of specialists at your beck and call, instead of just having one or two general practitioners; specialists can immediately address your particular problem, unlike your family doctor who has more issues to handle.

You’re always bringing in a third party to fix problems

Chronic problems are also a sign that your IT system isn’t monitored and maintained properly. Third-party experts come in to fix problems, not to prevent them from happening in the first place.

With Online Computers’ Managed Services, you get a dedicated team of experts who will monitor and maintain your IT network 24/7. They offer proactive IT support so that problems are detected and issues are resolved even before they cause a system shut down.

You’re unsure which technology to invest in

The speed of changes and updates in technology can be overwhelming. You may not have the time or the inclination to keep up with the latest trends in IT.

An MSP will not only know the appropriate technology you should get, it will also make sure that technology is maintained and updated for maximum efficiency.

Your IT expenses are unpredictable

Your annual budget can get thrown out of whack with unexpected IT expenses -- whether they be an unplanned upgrade or a costly crash.

Online Computers will have your business covered at all times, so you don’t experience downtime. And you get all this for an economical, subscription-based monthly fee.

Having your own IT department may look cool in a corporate structure chart, but building a competent tech team from the ground-up takes time and effort. You may not have that luxury, especially if your business is growing by leaps and bounds. If you’re in or around northern New Jersey, check out Online Computers’ managed services, along with our other computer IT services and solutions. Or download our free eBook to learn more.

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