How to get the most out of VoIP

How to get the most out of VoIP

You’re a small business owner in or around Hanover, Morristown, or Madison, NJ, and you’ve decided to upgrade your telephone system from the old landline to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. It's a wise move because the number of businesses and residences using VoIP lines is steadily increasing every year, and companies that haven't made the switch risk being left behind.

But what is VoIP? Ordinary folks can’t tell the difference between a VoIP system and the old landline technology, because both function very much the same way -- they make and receive calls, put people on hold, forward calls, record voicemails, and the like.

The difference lies in the technology used. While traditional landlines require large and lengthy copper cables to transmit voice across distances, VoIP uses the internet instead. What’s more, VoIP can transmit more than just voice; it can also send video, email, photos, and other data, making VoIP a more versatile means for communication.

Given that VoIP has tons of features, how can you maximize the technology? Here's what you should look for in a VoIP solution:

A platform full of features

The primary function of a VoIP telephony is to make audio calls. That’s why your VoIP solution should come fully equipped with the following features:

  • Reliable and clear calls -- HD Voice offers clearer, sharper voice calls that help lessen miscommunication due to poor connection.
  • Call routing and forwarding -- This feature is a must for businesses, for it allows employees to connect to one another wherever they are, using one phone number across desk phones, mobile phones, laptops and desktops.
  • Conference calls -- VoIP technology makes it so much easier for three or more participants to hold conference calls. Meetings can be done even if some attendees are not physically in the office.
  • Automated call distribution -- For businesses with call centers or those with no operator/telephone receptionist, this feature distributes incoming calls based on agent availability.
  • Interactive voice recognition or response (IVR) -- The system recognizes human speech, so interaction is possible between computer and caller. Complex algorithms and hardware capture and analyze different voice samples so that IVR can work despite different accents or speech impediments.

The versatility of its features

VoIP systems come with a lot of features that can be customized, depending on the needs of the company. This is also where VoIP’s capability to handle more than voice data is a welcome advantage.

  • Customizable data integration -- VoIP technology allows your phone system to be integrated with other systems in your office, like customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, sales cycle and support processes, Microsoft Office, etc. Your company can analyze the data culled from different communication channels to improve processes, customer retention, workflow, and more.
  • Customized user templates -- Every line of business is unique and every company is distinct. VoIP features can be tailored to your company’s peculiarities.
  • Scalable plans and pricing -- Unlike the old system where you need to plan the number of lines to be laid out, VoIP makes it easy to add or reduce lines as the need arises. You'll always have the right number of phones for your needs.

The reliability of VoIP

No matter how chock-full of features a system is, it's not worth the investment if it's unreliable. But with VoIP, you can rely on the following:

  • Security features -- Most VoIP solutions come with standard security functions, including caller ID, authentication via password, password lockout, encryption, caller locations, etc. to prevent unwanted access from hackers and unauthorized persons. Additional security measures can be included according on your needs.
  • Back-up plans -- A common concern when relying on the internet is, “What if there’s a power outage? Will my business grind to a halt?” VoIP systems have failover solutions in emergency cases. Call forwarding can be configured to transfer calls to mobile phones, laptops, or even voicemail, should your office's power goes out.

Online Computers can assist you

Feeling overwhelmed by the numerous considerations in getting a VoIP solution? Don’t be discouraged! Leave it to an expert in managed services, like Online Computers, to do all the heavy lifting for you. When you opt for our VoIP Phones Services, we will make sure that your solution is cost-efficient, dependable, and suits your needs.

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