How to overcome the challenges of implementing your own technology

How to overcome the challenges of implementing your own technology

With the global pandemic over, opportunities and challenges for owners of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasing. Many SMBs realized that going digital and adopting new tech can help them navigate tough economic times and outshine their competitors. Ninety-five percent of US small businesses use at least one technology platform, and their high-tech usage correlates with increased sales, employment, and profits. Some of the top technology issues for business owners include digital transformation, data security, cloud solutions, and compliance.

However, SMB owners often run into challenges when trying to do this on their own. These hurdles include not having a shared vision, struggling to set priorities, and not fully grasping what digital transformation entails. To overcome these challenges, small-business owners can benefit from adopting savvy strategies that not only make the journey smoother but also ensure a successful tech integration.

Six strategies for implementing technology on your own

If you own an SMB and want to make the most of technology, the following strategies will help you align with your goals, use resources strategically, and build a strong and flexible tech foundation.

One goal, one vision

Success begins with a shared vision. Communicate your business goals clearly to your team and demonstrate how technology aligns with them. Decision-making becomes more guided and cohesive when everyone understands the common goal and the role of technology in reaching it.

Clear strategic priorities

Prioritize areas where technology can make the most impact. This involves a detailed assessment of business processes to identify key domains that stand to benefit significantly from technological intervention. By focusing your resources on these priorities, you ensure that your technology enhancements are targeted and effective.

Research, research, research

Informed decision-making relies on thorough research. Explore available technologies, understand their capabilities, and assess their alignment with your organizational needs. Continuous research ensures that your business stays updated on evolving technologies, and that you foster a technology infrastructure that’s dynamic and adaptive.

IT investments

Stay competitive by modernizing technological infrastructure. Replace or enhance outdated systems gradually. This investment goes beyond efficiency. It ensures your business remains future-proofed against technological obsolescence and can adapt to emerging trends.

Prioritization of security

Prioritize the security of valuable business data. Implement robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, to protect against cyberthreats. This not only ensures your company’s compliance but also builds confidence among stakeholders. And it fosters your organization’s reputation of reliability in the digital sphere as well.

Help from external experts

Technology isn’t your forte, so why sweat it? Collaborate with external experts, such as IT professionals or outsourced IT support. This strategic decision acknowledges the complexity of the technological landscape, and you leverage the collective knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals. These external experts can even provide more than just consultancy. They can facilitate seamless implementation, ongoing support, troubleshooting, and proactive maintenance.

By implementing the aforementioned strategies, your business can overcome the challenges of technology integration and position your company as an agile and competitive player in the evolving digital landscape.

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