6 reasons your business needs video surveillance

6 reasons your business needs video surveillance

Are you considering installing a video surveillance system in your New Jersey business? If not, you should be, because criminals are less likely to strike if they know that they can be caught on camera. In addition, video surveillance can help you keep track of what is going on in your business at all times. This can be especially helpful if you run a business like a retail store or daycare center where many people come and go, and your staff may have difficulty having total oversight at all times.

Here are some reasons you should consider having closed circuit video surveillance installed in your office space:

To deter crimes

Criminals generally avoid targeting businesses that they know are protected by a video surveillance system. This is because many modern security systems can be programmed to contact the nearest police department before alerting you. The prospect of triggering an alarm that directly notifies the cops is often enough to deter crooks and look for an easier target elsewhere.

To gain visibility of outside conditions

There are several reasons why it’s beneficial to have a view of outside conditions without exposing oneself to any risk. For one, disasters and calamities prevent people from assessing the outside situation, which is necessary in events where people need to make a decision whether to evacuate or to stay. Other times, employees just want to check first if there are any suspicious characters loitering around before they close up shop for the day.

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To increase parking lot safety

Parking lots are where crimes like burglary, vandalism, and assault tend to happen. Even the National Institute of Justice once stated that parking facilities are common settings for both violent and property crimes. Setting up a video surveillance system that overlooks your regular parking areas is a good way to protect the vehicles in the facility, as well as the people in them.

A camera system in your parking lot will be sure to put your employees at ease, allowing them to focus on their tasks instead of worrying about the state of their vehicle and its contents. The deterrent factor will also be increased, because crooks will likely not target areas where the chances of getting caught are high.

To gather evidence

Sometimes, there’s simply no way to prevent a crime, accident, or disaster from happening. Fortunately, if you have a surveillance system installed, you’ll have video evidence that can help prove culpability, decrease liability, and/or assist with insurance claims. These types of evidence can even help expedite bureaucratic processes, which can help you collect insurance faster.

To reduce insurance premiums

Insurance premiums are computed based on risk. The higher the risk for your business, the higher your insurance premiums will be. If you have a video surveillance system in place, your insurance provider may see this as an effort to reduce risk. So it’s a good thing to inform them of this when you’re applying for or renewing your insurance coverage, as it can lead to lower insurance premiums.

To put your clients at ease

Clients who feel at ease in your business premises are clients who will be comfortable and happy to keep doing business with you. Furthermore, it will give your current and potential clients a good perspective into your identity as a business — that you're an organization that will take every step necessary in the name of security.

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