Make the most of your investments in IT

Make the most of your investments in IT

Advances in technology continue to disrupt every industry. Companies need to invest in information technology to remain competitive in the market.

Studies have shown that investments in IT lead to increased productivity. The ones who were smartest in their investments are the most profitable companies.

Many companies believe that the size of investment leads to improved financial performance. But IT investments need more than deep pockets. It actually requires a thorough assessment of the company’s capabilities, careful planning, and a committed crew to carry out changes in the corporation.

Change management spells the difference between wise investments and wasted opportunities. And as companies learn to maximize their IT investments, the more they will sustain their growth.

To do that, they need to focus on the following areas:

  • Invest on what makes you different from competitors -- It’s not enough to invest in technologies that make your operations more efficient. The companies that profited the most focused their IT investments on giving themselves a competitive edge.
  • Execute, assess, and adjust your plans -- The company should have the means and resources to execute their technology strategy. This also means the company should have a road map to measure their progress and evaluate the feasibility of their technology strategy over time.
  • Calculate the return on investment -- Companies should be able to determine the total value they are likely to generate. This includes benefits and costs. The benefits should outweigh the risks involved. It doesn’t make sense to push through if the rewards do not make up for all the money and effort spent.
  • Appoint leaders who can make sustainable changes -- Companies need the right leadership to make the changes sustainable. These leaders can study the best practices in the market to come up with the appropriate business model. They can ensure that the organization has the right staff and processes in place, and that every department is working in tandem with the rest to meet company's goals.

The role of IT as business partner

Your IT department plays an important role in the business strategy. They are integral to maximizing your investments.

Many companies still view their IT department as a service provider. They see technicians who rescue employees when they cannot access their email or cannot boot up their desktop. Companies must move on from this prevailing mindset if they want to be competitive in the market. The IT department is not a provider but a business partner and collaborator.

Consult with your IT staff on a regular basis. Let them create IT strategies, including data backup plans and disaster recovery strategies, and get the other business units to work together with IT.

The MSP option

Putting together an IT department takes time and money, which is why you may want to consider hiring an IT managed services provider (MSP). The MSP can serve as your third-party IT department or assist your current one. Either way, your company will benefit from this relationship.

With an MSP, you get a group of qualified IT experts without going through tedious hiring. An MSP needs to be always updated with industry trends and development. And because MSPs work with other clients, they are in a good position to know industry best practices.

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