Managed Services

We're not repairmen. We don't sit by the phone and wait for things to break so we can come fix them. Online Computers' managed services takes a proactive approach through testing, backing up data and spotting problems before they occur. We make sure you don't fall behind on updates, backups, security and patches.


Business Critical

Certain systems are critical for your business, hence the name. Whether it is a Point of Sale system you need to conduct transactions or an industry-specific CRM, they are imperative. When they go down you could lose money, customers, and trust. We protect your business by protecting your critical business applications.


IT Consulting

Our experienced IT consultants will provide your business or organization with the guidance and expertise you need to get the most out of Information Technologies. We have a focus on thriving, not surviving. Our processes and advice will enhance your efforts by making sure your tech makes you and your people more efficient.



Information technology is a very specialized field with constant advancements. Many business, institutions and organizations are not adequately staffed to keep pace with the ever changing technological landscape. With a team of over 50 dedicated technology experts and professionals, Online Computers has the resources to deliver the most responsive and proactive service when it it comes to desktop management, data security, cloud computing, server virtualization, email and hosting support;
basically all things technology.
We spend every minute of every day keeping your systems up and running smoothly. You won’t hear a lot of tech buzz words and jargon. When it comes to technology, Online Computers allows no margin for error or downtime. We don’t play games.
"How does your IT staff spend its time?"


The Online Computers Team develops dependable, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients while building long-lasting, trusted partnerships.
But don’t take our word for it.


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