Challenges of implementing new technology and how to address them

Challenges of implementing new technology and how to address them

In order for companies today to remain relevant and competitive, they look to new trends in technology to see what can greatly benefit their business. Some may even want to be cutting edge and stay ahead of the curve by being the first adopters of new technology. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a bandwagoner, adopting new technology will always present challenges.

Here are some of those challenges and what you can do to overcome them.

#1 Adopting new technology for technology’s sake

A lot of new technology is useful, but is it useful for your company? Does it answer your needs? A shiny new toy looks great at the start, but as it loses its wow factor, you may eventually realize you just bought yourself a very expensive paperweight. Before buying new technology, do some research to know if it will actually be useful to your operations.

#2 Proper implementation and incorporation of new technology

Taking advantage of everything that new technology has to offer is not enough. You must be able to integrate it into your existing processes to fully realize its potential. Otherwise, you may end up having to needlessly overhaul your whole system, which will take up more time and effort. Ideally, you should strive for the least disruption and need for training when incorporating new technology into your existing systems.

#3 Not getting everyone on board the new technology

Some people are early adopters; they quickly embrace new technology and can’t wait to use it. Others are more resistant and prefer the comfort of the familiar. You will always have those two (and variations in between) in your staff. The former don’t need convincing, while the latter need to be won over. You can do this by involving them in the selection and planning process and showing them that the new technology will be beneficial for them. Allow them to express their concerns, and find a way to address them. Set clear expectations that all those who need to use the new technology must ultimately meet.

#4 Inadequate staff training for the new technology

Even if a new technology claims to be “user-friendly,” employees still need to be trained. Not everyone can take to new technology so easily, so a little assistance is needed to make sure everyone’s on board. It also helps eliminate first-time users’ mistakes, some of which can be quite costly.

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A common mistake is not taking training into consideration when budgeting for new technology. Training is an expense, and some company leaders are quick to scrimp on that after spending so much on new technology. But inadequate training can lead to costly mistakes later on. Always factor in employee training when considering new technology.

#5 Monitoring your data and progress

Today’s new technology lets you monitor the data it collects, so you get a picture of how people are using it and whether it's being used efficiently or not. Monitoring data not only gives you insight on your processes and systems, but it also helps you track your company’s progress. You can identify areas of success and points for improvement, and communicate them to your employees. Monitoring your data helps you measure your progress towards your goals.

#6 Not anticipating the needs of the users

When considering new technology, it’s best not to replicate what’s already existing. Because then you’re merely following what others, especially your competitors, are already doing. To surge past your competitors, you should think more like a leader and invest in technologies that anticipate your customers’ needs and wants.

#7 New technologies, new security vulnerabilities

New technologies go through a maturity cycle; the early phase can be rife with security vulnerabilities. Adopting new technologies may expose your company to new security threats, so it’s important to cultivate a culture of learning and of quick responsiveness. That way, your people learn to anticipate rather than just react to changes.

#8 The challenges of regulations

Because they introduce new features and processes, new technologies can sometimes be at odds with existing regulatory bodies. It now falls on you to lead your industry to lobby for changes in the regulations.

Be a leader of your industry

New technologies always come with challenges, but those brave enough to choose to lead instead of follow are the ones who will tread new ground and break through glass ceilings. New technology presents new opportunities, so it’s your chance to be the industry leader instead of just jumping on the bandwagon.

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