Spring has SPRUNG!

And you know what that means...

... Spring Cleaning is upon us!


Online Computers would like to offer you
an exclusive offer this Spring:

A FREE Network Assessment and Discovery for your business

By claiming this exclusive offer, you will be able to see all the clutter in your network that is slowing things down and potentially putting you at risk!

Discover things such as…

Active and Inactive Users

Do you have any previous employees who are still listed as users on your network? With this information, you will have insight to see which users still have access to your systems, data, and overall network. Users that are not disabled create one of the biggest security vulnerabilities.

Password Policies and Rules

Learn the formal password policies, complexities, and rules of your network. Without a formal password program in place, it allows for hackers to easily gain access to your systems.

Rogue or Unnecessary Application Downloads

Get a full list of all the software applications on your network, getting as granular as the user and workstation level. We have found that two common mistakes are users downloading unapproved applications and old/unused applications are still accessible, when they should be uninstalled or completely locked down.

Operating System Standardization

Did you know that Microsoft is ending all support for Windows 7 come January 2020? What about Windows XP back in 2014? Our scan will search your entire network, pull a report of every computer, and show which version is in use. Standardizing the operating system will ensure every computer and server is maintained, updated, and managed properly.

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