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Breaches – Are you on a Hackers Watchlist?

In the last decade, billions of people have had their information stolen from one, if not multiple, business sectors. Technology is constantly expanding, and with new technology comes new ways of hacking into seemingly secure data. As technology advances, people tend to forget about outdated technology and are lackadaisical about security. Outdated devices, human error, malware, and theft are all things that contribute greatly to the possibility of a data breach.

Mischievous Malware

Unfortunately, malware is not a foreign term, in fact it’s pretty well known to anyone that uses a computer. There are several types of malware, as well as mediums in which you may receive it. So, before you click on that link for the free cruise you won, think about all of the personal data you could be giving away.

Low-cost tech tools your nonprofit can leverage

Technology can be a powerful tool for New Jersey-based nonprofits, but only if it is used correctly. This is because technology can be quite costly, and spending on the wrong tools can seriously hurt any nonprofit’s cause.

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Fortunately, there are many low-cost, and even free, tech tools these days for a variety of uses.

Social Engineering = Fancy Job Title for Hackers

Most people are aware of terms like phishing and malware, but do you know those are a part of a larger scheme called social engineering? This is not a new kind of fraud, in fact it’s been used for many years to manipulate a wide range of people into giving up important data about themselves or workplace.

Educational technologies pros and cons, Part 2

As discussed in “Educational technologies pros and cons, Part 1,” educational technologies (EdTech) are empowering schools to maximize their capability to offer blended or hybrid learning arrangements. But the use of EdTech is not only facilitating the new normal way of learning — it's also improving student engagement and more.

Educational technologies pros and cons, Part 1

New technologies have always played a role in the development and implementation of various educational strategies throughout history; recent developments in response to the challenges of the pandemic have taken this up a notch. These days, many educational administrators are turning to educational technology (EdTech) to facilitate learning, improve student engagement, and maintain the high academic standards their institutions are known for.

Help your retail business flourish with artificial intelligence

Many New Jersey retailers are now exploring the potentials of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), recognizing several benefits that are hard to pass up. Most retailers have used traditional analytics for decades, so it makes sense to take it up a notch and leverage technology to easily generate actionable insights for business managers and owners.

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