How an MSP protects a business’s VoIP systems

How an MSP protects a business’s VoIP systems

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system is a set of technologies that allow for voice and multimedia communications to be sent over the internet. It offers businesses improved flexibility, bigger cost savings, and greater productivity by allowing users to make and receive calls from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Unfortunately, VoIP systems are vulnerable to a number of cybersecurity threats, such as malware and distributed denial-of-service attacks. These can disrupt VoIP service, so organizations need to protect their VoIP systems to ensure business continuity.

One way they can do so is by partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP). An MSP is a third-party business technology expert offering a wide range of services and solutions that address IT security concerns, including those related to VoIP. Specifically, an MSP can provide the following services to keep VoIP systems secure:

24/7 Network monitoring

An MSP can continuously monitor the performance, availability, and security of VoIP systems to detect any potential threats and weak points. They can do so using network probes, packet capture and analysis tools, traffic analysis tools, intrusion detection systems, and log analysis tools.

These tools and techniques provide real-time visibility into the performance and security of a VoIP system and can alert administrators to any issues immediately. This enables MSPs to detect and resolve breaches, malicious attacks, and other threats before these can affect the quality of communication or cause downtime.

Security patch management

An MSP can ensure that a company’s VoIP system is regularly and automatically patched and updated to protect it from emerging threats and keep security measures up to date with industry best practices. This reduces the risk of malicious actors exploiting system vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

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VoIP infrastructure protection

An MSP can further protect VoIP infrastructure by implementing additional layers of security such as:

  • Firewalls – Any network's first line of defense is the firewall. An MSP can configure the firewall settings of a business’s network to protect against unauthorized access and network-based attacks on its VoIP system.
  • Network segmentation – An MSP can segment a business’s network, allowing the separation of VoIP traffic from other types of traffic. This results in better traffic filtering and creates a more secure environment for the VoIP system.
  • Encryption – An MSP can enable encryption for all VoIP traffic to prevent eavesdropping and interception of sensitive information.
  • Access control management – Access control is the practice of limiting access to certain resources based on user roles and permissions. By implementing strong access controls for the client's VoIP system, an MSP can ensure that only authorized users can access protected data or sensitive information.
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) – MFA requires users to provide at least two different factors of authentication before being allowed to access an application or system. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access, as an attacker would need to compromise more than one authentication factor to find a way in. An MSP can enable MFA for added protection.

Data backup and recovery

An MSP can help businesses back up their critical files and data for quick restoration of service availability. This provides a safety net if there’s ever an emergency where the VoIP is compromised because of a catastrophe, such as a cyberattack or a natural disaster.

Employee awareness training

Educating employees on how to identify suspicious emails and malware is key in protecting businesses’ VoIP systems from social engineering attacks such as phishing. Some MSPs offer user awareness training services that educate employees on how to recognize potential cybersecurity threats so they know the do’s and don’ts when using digital resources, including those related to VoIP systems.

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