Signs that it’s time to look into custom software systems for your business

Signs that it’s time to look into custom software systems for your business

Are you feeling bogged down by the number of applications you need to run your New Jersey business? Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all your different passwords and login information? If so, it may be time for you to look into custom software systems. In this blog post, we will discuss four signs that indicate it's time for you to invest in custom software systems.

1. You need too many software to accomplish your tasks

Many companies these days require different software to keep various business components running. This is especially true for businesses that don’t specialize in just one service, such as managed services providers or MSPs. The problem is, too many different software can hurt your workers’ productivity. For one, shuffling back and forth between these apps wastes your employees' time. Using multiple software can also create a confusing computer environment, which can make workers prone to mistakes and other problems.

Custom software systems allow you to pick and choose the specific features you need from multiple software and package them together into one powerful app. This will streamline processes, and users won’t need to keep multiple tabs and windows open all the time.

2. Off-the-shelf software isn’t adequate for your specialized needs

Standardized software solutions are great for businesses that are just starting out because they usually provide multiple basic to mid-tier features in one affordable package. However, as your business grows and becomes more complex, regular off-the-shelf software may no longer suit your needs.

Many growing businesses turn to custom software systems because their operations needs systems that can accommodate the complexities of growth. For instance, businesses that expand and open offshore operations may need more specialized software because this new configuration requires a different set of regulatory requirements that only custom software systems can address.

3. You’re experiencing compatibility issues between software

Many startups enter business with one or two key pieces of software to sustain their operations, then tend to add more software to address their evolving needs as they grow. This is a very common cause of compatibility issues, as many businesses are unable to foresee which types of software they will need in the future.

By tasking a reputable IT system provider to build your app environment for you, you can be sure that each IT component works seamlessly with the rest.

4. One-size-fits-all software hurts your business agility

Business agility is a tricky issue many companies, especially those on the path of growth, face. This is because businesses that are fluctuating in size and/or scope endure fluctuations in the usability and efficiency of their tools. For instance, many pieces of software can only accommodate a set number of users of clients, so growing businesses are forced to purchase more licenses to accommodate their needs. In leaner times, however, it means these companies are left with unused licenses that are likely to expire without having been maximized. This is a waste of resources that could have otherwise been used to facilitate more growth.

With custom software systems, you don’t need to worry about agility, as these systems can be configured to address various issues, such as upscaling or downscaling resources. If you’re facing a similar concern, ask your IT provider about hybrid or cloud-based productivity and operations systems to keep your business agile.

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