What you should expect from The Guard HIPAA compliance solution

What you should expect from The Guard HIPAA compliance solution

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance is a complex — but necessary — process for healthcare businesses in the United States, including those in New Jersey. It protects all patient health data from being disclosed without their consent or knowledge. For most large facilities such as hospitals and chain clinics with huge resources and IT infrastructures, achieving HIPAA compliance is easy because they can take advantage of corporate-grade compliance solutions. These solutions make financial sense for their large scale of operations and breadth of clientele.

Smaller healthcare businesses cannot typically afford the same solutions, so they tend to turn to piecemeal solutions derived from existing business platforms such as spreadsheets. And when it comes to cybersecurity, they tend to rely on input and transmission procedures that are tedious and can be prone to errors.

Fortunately, your small- or mid-sized business (SMB) in the healthcare industry can now opt for The Guard HIPAA compliance, which will allow you to meet all HIPAA compliance standards without hurting your budgets.

What is The Guard HIPAA compliance solution?

The Guard is an all-in-one HIPAA compliance solution that addresses every aspect of HIPAA compliance under the law. It is designed to help simplify and streamline your SMB’s compliance-related workload, eliminate input and transmission errors, and raise your compliance profile overall.

What are its benefits and features?

When you sign up with Online Computers for The Guard HIPAA compliance solution, you will receive the following benefits and features along with the software:

Guided risk assessment

Our technical experts will give you a rundown of the standard HIPAA compliance requirements so that you’re informed about how certain data should be stored and transmitted properly. They will also conduct an assessment of your information infrastructure to identify weaknesses or inadequacies, as well as to leverage existing hardware and software to meet HIPAA rules. Finally, you will be provided with an assessment of your organization’s risk profile in terms of its ability to meet HIPAA requirements.

Unlimited employee training

In information security, the human factor is considered to be the last line of protection. By providing unlimited employee training, we can help ensure that your staff are properly equipped to handle data as per HIPAA standards.

Live Compliance Coach support

Key to HIPAA compliance success is understanding how and why each mechanism is in place. The Guard’s unique implementation process includes live support from a Compliance Coach. This will ensure that members of your organization don’t just know how to use the software, but actually understand the reasoning and the processes behind each HIPAA regulation.

Business associate agreements

Your organization will not only be a client, it will be a partner. Signing up for The Guard will automatically make your organization a HIPAA business associate, giving it an additional qualification for connecting with potential clients and suppliers.

Policies and procedures

You will find all HIPAA policies and procedures with The Guard. No need for you to make additional consultations with third-party experts, and no need to second-guess every transaction you take within the system.

HIPAA seal of compliance

Signing up for The Guard and meeting all the advice our Compliance Coach provides will grant your organization a HIPAA Seal of Compliance. This allows your investors, suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders to verify your organization’s HIPAA compliance readiness.

Why should you get The Guard through Online Computers?

Our HIPAA experts at Online Computers will provide you with a software demo before asking for your commitment. We will showcase how The Guard can make your workflows simpler and more efficient, so you can fully gauge whether The Guard is a suitable investment for you.

Aside from making the introduction of the software a breeze, we will also ensure that integration and deployment of The Guard will be as unobtrusive as possible. This is to help limit (or even completely avoid) any downtime for your business. And we will continue to be present for any and all support needs to ensure that your investment is maximized and that your HIPAA compliance is maintained at all times.

Contact us today for any queries and clarifications about The Guard HIPAA compliance software. We will be more than happy to address any questions.

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