What is system integration, and why is it important?

What is system integration, and why is it important?

New Jersey businesses rely on multiple business IT systems like customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools to stay on top of their operations and maintain competitive advantage. Like a house requires a solid foundation, enterprises require a dependable, secure, and effective IT system.

This can only be accomplished by ensuring every part of the business is properly connected and communicating with one another. For this reason, many organizations turn to managed IT providers for their system integration needs.

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What is system integration?

System integration is the process of combining multiple systems or applications together to form a cohesive IT environment, which is essential for many businesses that rely on various apps and hardware. Integrating these multiple interconnected systems and devices ensures that they meet the business's requirements and efficiently perform everything you need them to do, whether it's printing reports, collecting data, or a host of other functions.

A well-integrated system is one that has all of its parts communicating clearly with one another. It’s like building a team of employees with good chemistry and great camaraderie — they will work well together because they’re attuned to each other’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and capabilities. Likewise, business systems comprising machines, software, and people should all work in perfect sync so that tasks are completed as efficiently and as productively as possible.

What are the benefits of system integration?

The true benefits of system integration may differ from company to company, as numerous variables are at play. Generally, the following are the key benefits of system integration:


The integration of ERP and CRM systems allows for the seamless sharing of consistent data across multiple applications. For example, on an unintegrated system, one department may make updates to a customer's address, but another department may not receive that information. Integrating both systems resolves the issues caused by conflicting information, increasing efficiency and quality in business processes as a whole.

Business agility

The proper integration of systems and data between departments and organizations makes a business more agile. It ensures healthy access to valuable information while making costs as predictable as possible. This means that businesses can continue operating optimally during difficult times, improving their chances of survival and even making growth an inexpensive prospect to aim for.


In improperly integrated systems, blind spots tend to occur as business components aren’t configured to communicate effectively with one another, which can then cause some information to get lost in traffic. This can lead to inaccurate analytics and even cybersecurity problems. A well-integrated IT system will ensure that you have visibility and control over every aspect of your information system.

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How can a managed IT provider help with system integration?

Managed IT services can help with system integration by letting an experienced team of tech professionals handle the integration process and ensure it goes smoothly. The service typically includes planning, installation and configuration, testing, end user training, and ongoing support. It’s also worth noting that your managed IT providers’ depth of experience in system integration will play a huge role in the overall quality and reliability of your system. Their experience with different IT components is valuable in determining which ones work best with other components, as well as to anticipate any issues that certain component pairs may commonly encounter.

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