How schools can use IT to save money

How schools can use IT to save money

Dramatic changes to operations brought about by COVID-19 have forced many New Jersey schools to reassess the way they spend their funds. And with funding challenges, it’s inevitable that business components deemed noncritical will be left by the wayside. This is a rather common scenario with IT components such as cybersecurity and tech support, and it can hurt your school more than you realize.

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However, this doesn’t have to be the case; instead, this scenario can be an opportunity for you to implement cost-effective managed IT solutions that don’t skimp on the goods. This way, your school can save money and still get the IT coverage you need.

Cost-effective IT can be good IT too

The old notion about affordable IT is that it must be bad IT. Thankfully, this is no longer true, as many technology providers leverage the economies of scale to provide enterprise-grade IT solutions for a fraction of what they usually cost. You can get these solutions through pocket-friendly subscription models that make IT expenditures predictable and affordable without sacrificing quality.

Managed IT solutions cover a wide range of specialized services such as system monitoring, business continuity, help desks, and advisory. Many managed IT providers also allow you to customize the services you receive. For instance, you can choose to pass tedious duties such as update patching, backups, and cybersecurity to a managed IT provider and free up your in-house IT staff to deal with help desk and troubleshooting tasks.

This is the perfect IT model for many schools, as it allows them to enjoy full IT capabilities that most companies need to succeed while still having flexibility in terms of spending and resource usage.

Take advantage of innovative solutions

Innovative solutions are more powerful and affordable than ever, and they’re easier to own than you think. Now is the perfect time to take a leap forward in terms of your business tech, as more and more businesses are embracing the possibilities of innovative solutions. You wouldn’t want to get left behind.

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Schools can take advantage of open learning resources, collaborative purchasing, collective technology operations, and streamlined facilities management to stay within budget. Here are some concrete methods you can implement in your school:

  • Switch to managed IT services for your school’s IT needs. Many managed IT providers offer flexible service setups, so you can choose what you’re willing to spend on without compromising control and service quality.
  • Cooperate with other government agencies in acquiring professional services. For example, you can share service contracts with municipal libraries for groundskeeping, maintenance, sanitation, and the like. This takes advantage of the economies of scale and allows you to benefit without committing to large costs.
  • Use open courseware such as the US Department of Education’s Go Open program, Khan Academy, and MIT OpenCourseware. These educational materials rival those from any top institution. Best of all, they’re free. It’s a great way to expand your school’s educational offerings without hurting your budget.
  • Collaborate with other schools when sourcing materials and supplies by joining cooperative school purchasing groups like the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies. Doing so allows you to gain access to resources available only on larger supply contracts, have more negotiating power to get better prices, and ensure a timely supply of essential items.
  • Go paperless. Going digital will help you simplify and streamline your operating environment, and it’s excellent for remote workers because it eliminates the need to transmit physical documents.
  • Replace incandescent lighting in your school with LED lighting and deploy cloud-accessible automated controls such as motion-sensing fan and light controls, smart thermostats and switches, and other efficient building technologies.

Managing your school’s spending doesn’t have to result in extensive sacrifices. By staying open to creative solutions and by leveraging various technologies, you can not only save money but also help prepare your school for the future.

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