10 Tech tools that education experts can’t live without

10 Tech tools that education experts can’t live without

With education institutions facing enormous pressure to support remote and hybrid learning, it has never been more important to take advantage of technological solutions.

Whether it’s lesson planning software, home learning resources, or even virtual classroom solutions, the education technology (EdTech) market is booming. Here are some of the tools we recommend for educators:

1. Twinkl

Twinkl is a directory of educational resources for parents and teachers created by teachers. With over half a million resources spanning dozens of subjects, new content is added every day. The platform offers educational games, lesson planning resources, student assessment tools, and augmented reality (AR) education materials. Educators can also design their own teaching resources using Twinkl Create.

2. Floop

Floop is a web-based app that saves teachers time by giving them an easy and centralized platform for sharing annotated feedback with their students. Students can upload their files in PDF or Google Docs format or as images, while teachers can place markers linking to written feedback.

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an engaging online learning platform with a strong focus on interactive learning and gamification. With more than 40 million monthly active users across 180 countries, it provides resources for many subjects across all grades and age groups. Teachers can also create their own learning games with multiple-choice questions.

4. Matific

Matific is a global digital math platform with localized websites and learning resources in dozens of countries. It’s designed for both parents and teachers who need a way to provide personalized math lessons to children ages 4 through 11. The web-based platform makes extensive use of gamification and interactive graphics to make learning productive and fun. Moreover, teachers can track progress with real-time reports.

5. Equity Maps

Equity Maps helps teachers stay aware of their students’ involvement during lectures based on various metrics, such as gender equity and times spoken. This provides valuable insights into students’ participation in the classroom, which teachers can act upon to ensure everyone receives equal attention, as well as provide faster and more effective feedback.

6. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is the ultimate digital whiteboard. Supporting teachers and students around the world, it provides canvas and recording tools for making engaging explainer videos. As a highly collaborative and interactive platform designed with remote learning in mind, it also lets teachers and students annotate videos and illustrations from any internet-connected device.

7. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the G Suite range of cloud applications for the education sector. It’s a free and intuitive tool for helping teachers manage and assess student performance while improving collaboration across hybrid learning environments. It also provides integrations with dozens of teacher-approved apps.

8. FlipGrid

FlipGrid is a video discussion platform designed for educators from kindergarten teachers to university professors. Educators can create discussion topics, share them with their learning communities, and members can record and share short videos with their classes. Similar to Snapchat in many ways, it provides a familiar experience for most students that helps improve engagement and knowledge retention.

9. NearPod

NearPod helps educators engage students with interactive media and formative assessments. It provides a wealth of interactive lessons developed by professionals in their fields. Moreover, teachers can import lessons of their own from almost any file format and then start adding interactive features, video snippets, and weblinks. NearPod even integrates with virtual reality (VR) systems on smartphones so educators can create virtual tours and field trips.

10. Book Creator

Book Creator inspires students to unleash their creativity by creating digital books, portfolios, interactive stories, science reports, instruction manuals, and more. It supports all sorts of rich media content, such as videos and audio too. There’s a native app for iPad, and a web-based version for use on all platforms, which makes it easy for students to share their creations with students everywhere.

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