Customer Service – Ingrained in our Values

Customer Service – Ingrained in our Values

We’re a technology company. We love technology; we are technology. But Shep Hyken is right. No amount of video chatting can replace having a conversation with someone in person. At Online Computers, we get pretty close to that, though.

Online Computers is rooted in helping others. Carl Scalzo, our CEO, started his tech endeavors in the early 80s with nonprofits. New technology was up and coming. He learned early on that if you have patience and great customer service skills, people will gravitate toward you. This is what helped him build his company. Carl saw that all of the other techs were caught up in the novel technology at the time. Instead of pushing big techy words onto people, he instilled the importance of customer service in everyone he worked with. People don't want to hear all of the technical vernacular, they just want to understand.

Customer service is not something we merely say, it’s something we do. Every single customer is important to us, just like how every single help desk phone call is important, even if it’s the 10th call from the same person. We think of the human as a whole, not as just the voice on the other end of that phone call. We understand that it is impossible to know what someone is going through at any time, especially now in the midst of the pandemic. Our techs tell our clients what they would want to hear if they were in that situation. It’s the golden rule and we stand by that.

At Online Computers, we’re transparent. Our workplace culture is transparent. Our employees are transparent. For some reason, if we can’t do something, we’re honest about it. But we don’t let it end there, we adapt and figure out how to get to the solution.

Our CEO’s favorite quote, which is also in his email signature, describes Online Computers at its core:

“Service is not doing what's required of us. Service is doing more than what's required of us.”

A lot of our customer service values parallel Shep Hyken's teachings. Here are two short Youtube videos describing a little bit about what we're all about.


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