4 Reasons why you should consider desktop virtualization for your New Jersey business

4 Reasons why you should consider desktop virtualization for your New Jersey business

Desktop virtualization is not a new concept. For several years now, companies have been using desktop virtualization to address common business challenges involving having insufficient budgets, adopting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, and the growing number of remote working staff.

But the global pandemic magnified those business challenges tenfold. When New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a statewide stay-at-home order on March 21, it forced employees to become remote workers overnight. Businesses didn’t have enough time to plan a work from home strategy, so many employees had no choice but to use any available device at home. And the economic recession has many of the Garden State’s businesses reeling from financial losses and the uncertainty of the future.

If you want to get through this crisis and be competitive in the post-pandemic “new normal,” then you should seriously consider desktop virtualization for your business.

What is desktop virtualization?

Desktop virtualization is a software technology used to separate a computer desktop environment and all associated application software (web browser, email client, word processor, photo editor, and media player, to name a few examples) from the physical device or hardware that is used to access it.

With desktop virtualization, your browser, email, photo apps, and other software are not saved in your desktop or laptop computer’s hard drive. Instead, these programs are stored on a separate or remote server.

This remote server creates a “virtual desktop” environment which you can access via the internet using your desktop or laptop. This allows you to surf the web, read your email, edit photos, or do your work using any device from any location.

How will your business benefit from desktop virtualization?

The benefits of desktop virtualization are plenty, but the following are the most relevant to your business:

Benefits of desktop virtualization

  • Easier network management – With desktop virtualization, network control, storage, and security are centralized. This simplifies network management, and takes away the need to install, and update, and back up files on every device.
  • Increased productivity – Because virtual desktops can be accessed using multiple devices, your staff can work from anywhere at any time using any computer available. And should a device conk out, your employee can easily log on to another one and continue working without any loss of data.

    You also increase your productivity by reducing downtime due to installing patches and new software in individual devices.

  • Improved network security – With virtual desktops, your programs are stored in a central remote server. This server has multiple protection against physical and virtual threats, safeguarded by certified security experts, with backup and disaster recovery plans in place.

    What’s more, if an employee's device is stolen or lost, there won't be a loss of data because no information was stored in it.

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  • Better cost savings — With desktop virtualization, you don’t need to install storage and memory systems for all your company devices. You just need thin clients, or lightweight computers optimized to connect to your remote server via the internet. This will save you significant hardware and software costs.

    And with desktop virtualization, you can even reuse old devices. Instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose them as thin clients, saving you more money.

Virtual desktops are more reliable, secure, and easier to support versus traditional desktops. And desktop virtualization isn't just for enterprises — even small businesses can avail them. Pandemic or not, desktop virtualization is an efficient solution for your business.

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