5 reasons why your company needs designated IT staff

5 reasons why your company needs designated IT staff

The fact that most of us take modern technology for granted is one of the main reasons why security breaches and unscheduled downtime are among the biggest threats to organizations today. While end-user experiences are getting better all the time, the underlying infrastructure is dizzyingly complex, and things aren’t getting any easier for businesses that are still struggling to get the most out of their in-house systems.

You can hardly expect a small IT team to be an expert at everything technology-related, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready for challenges. To reduce costs and boost performance, many smaller companies are now working with external IT service providers, and here’s why.

#1. Overcome productivity loss due to downtime

Modern technology is great when it’s working well, but when it’s not, it doesn’t take long before the increasing costs of unscheduled downtime can cripple a business. When computers go down, employees are either faced with the choice of sitting there doing nothing or trying to find inadequate workarounds to otherwise trivial problems. Not only is this an enormous drain on productivity, but it also leaves your business open to potential security threats. That’s why all organizations need a technology partner they can depend on to resolve problems as quickly as possible and, preferably, prevent most of them from happening in the first place.

Top-notch managed services providers (MSPs) boast 99.9% service availability on their service level agreements to prevent downtime. What’s more, they proactively watch over your systems and address issues quickly before they become business-crippling problems down the line.

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#2. Deploy new technologies faster

Outdated technology quickly becomes a major liability, especially when you’re faced with the very real possibility of being usurped by more innovative competitors. At the same time, every new technology presents both risks and opportunities, so deploying it when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing can be a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re setting up a new cloud service, replacing an aging server, or bringing mobile devices to the workplace, you need the right expertise on your side to ensure that the process is carefully planned and any contingencies are taken care of.

#3. Ease the burden on employees

Even in larger businesses, IT departments are often bursting at the seams as they try to keep up with increasing demands. Employee burnout is a real problem, and it increases the risk of costly human error and stunted productivity. Even if you have designated IT staff already, partnering with a third-party vendor can augment their existing capabilities, whether it’s a one-off project you’re working on or a long-term technology strategy that needs to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

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#4. Regain control over information security

Cybersecurity is more important than ever in a world where attack surfaces are expanding and hackers are getting bolder and attack methods more sophisticated. Larger businesses often have entire teams dedicated entirely to information security, but that’s not usually an option for smaller organizations with limited resources.

It doesn't make sense for your in-house IT staff to work around the clock, 365 days per year, which is why outsourcing the job to a third party is usually the only practical option. Managed security services providers have the expertise and tools they need to provide a whole new level of cyber protection.

#5. Align technology with business goals

Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics in the world of enterprise IT today, but it’s a startling fact that most businesses are still failing to achieve their technology goals. This comes down to the fact that there’s often a misalignment between technology and business goals. All too often do people end up chasing the latest shiny new objects only to find that they’re more trouble than they’re worth. To align technology with operational goals, you need access to the right expertise — someone who has a thorough understanding of your market and is prepared to sit down and discuss the unique needs of your business.

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