Current VoIP features that SMBs shouldn’t ignore

Current VoIP features that SMBs shouldn’t ignore

A common misconception about Voice over IP (VoIP) is that it is only ideal for large organizations, but this is far from the truth. Many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have ditched traditional landlines in favor of VoIP have found that the advantages go far beyond cost savings and ease of use.

Here are just some of the indispensable VoIP features that have changed the way businesses in Hanover, Morristown, and Madison communicate and operate:

Follow me

This call rerouting feature ensures you'll never miss an important call again. Follow Me allows you to redirect incoming calls through a series of alternate numbers — mobile devices included — when you’re away from your desk. You can choose to have the numbers ring simultaneously or in succession.

Auto attendant

What happens when your receptionist calls in sick or goes out for lunch? If there is no one to answer calls on your end, you could be losing potential business or missing out on an opportunity to make a good impression.

Auto attendant features are included in almost any VoIP service and ensure callers are directed to the right person without delay. You get an electronic receptionist that helps customers navigate your company directory in a few key presses. If you’re serious about showcasing your responsiveness but can't afford a full-fledged call center, the auto attendant feature is your best friend.

Call screening

Call screening let’s you decide which calls to take and how to respond to each one. This feature helps block not just telemarketers, but a wide variety of callers. For instance, if one number is used by different people, you may want to block only one of them. This is impossible with caller ID alone, since it doesn’t reveal the actual caller’s name. But by pairing call screening with auto attendant, you can make the caller reveal their name so you can decide whether to drop the call, accept it, or send it to voicemail. Call screening also enables you to:

  • Temporarily send all calls to voicemail during a crisis
  • Send low-priority calls to voicemail
  • Block entire ZIP codes and area codes

Voicemail-to-email transcription

Let’s say you receive a voicemail about payment details from a vendor. You check the message but have a hard time understanding it so you tediously play it again and again. VoIP systems automatically transcribe the voicemail and sends the text to your email so you can review and respond to messages faster. Imagine the relief knowing you don’t have to type phone numbers and addresses ever again!

Door phone entry buzzer integration

Enhance your security measures with this amazing feature. If your facility uses a door buzzer entry system, you can even connect the VoIP system to your analog door phone to enable two-way calling with visitors. And if you want to let them in, simply unlock the door from your device.

Coaching tool (barge and whisper)

Barge and whisper tools allow you to listen in discreetly as an employee speaks to customers on the phone. Then, you can guide your employee in the middle of the conversation by “whispering” audio that only your employee can hear.

Bandwidth utilization and call detail reporting

Data analysis is crucial to any business, and with VoIP, you can track dozens of call variables. VoIP collects information such as call history, duration, originator, destination, and cost so you can make improvements based on clear insights.

Poor phone system functionality is a hindrance to business growth. Contact us at Online Computers to improve the efficiency and convenience of your communication solutions with VoIP’s powerful features. Let our experts provide managed services that maximize your IT solutions so you can focus on growth.

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