Energize your fundraising efforts with modern technology

Energize your fundraising efforts with modern technology

You probably wouldn’t expect the words “fundraising” and “technology” to be mentioned in the same sentence. That’s because non-profit organizations usually have limited resources, so using them on technology generally isn’t a high priority. But oftentimes it is.

Your organization can rise above the 34,000 other non-profits in New Jersey by investing in technology that creates new opportunities and pays for itself. Charities that do not invest in technology, research and development, and long-term growth are less effective and not sustainable as businesses.

Here are several ways your non-profit organization can benefit from employing modern technology.

Centralize your data to manage it more effectively

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software is a must-have tool for any charitable organization. Technically, it’s several tools rolled into one powerful software package that allows you to manage your donors and campaigns more effectively. CRMs for non-profits include the following tools:

  • Donor database management -- These allow you to compile all your donors’ profiles into a single database for easier access and management. You can even segment your donors by how much they donate for more targeted efforts.
  • Campaign management -- These fundraising management tools can create and track campaigns, accept donations online, and manage your fundraising events. You can raise funds using crowdsourcing platforms, too, and there are apps to help you manage your fundraising events with budgeting, digital ticketing, etc.
  • Multichannel marketing -- These enable you to communicate and promote your fundraising efforts via email, direct mail, and social media. For example, you can integrate your campaign with social media to run a mini-contest there. Or you can automate your email responses, so no correspondence is left unattended. These tools allow you to continuously engage with your constituents and nurture your relationships with them.

Vary your donation channels for fundraising

Gone are the days when you could rely on donation boxes to collect funds. With today’s modern software applications you have more donation channels at your disposal, making it easy for people to donate. Here’s how they can do it:

  • Online -- This is the new standard for donating to non-profit organizations. It’s convenient for modest amounts, as well as for recurring donations.
  • Mobile -- Donations via phones and tablets will increase as Americans spend more time on the mobile web. That means you need to make sure your donation site is mobile-friendly. Other mobile donation options include text-to-give and bidding apps for silent auctions.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising pages -- P2P allows your supporters to set-up their own online fundraising efforts or collect donations on your behalf.
  • Onsite donation kiosks -- Think of them as more secure, high-tech versions of the donation box. A swipe card kiosk can be set up near the cash register in partner stores and restaurants, or during fundraising events. This makes it simple for people to donate with the swipe of their card.

Streamline your operations with niche software

A single CRM software program may not be able to answer all the needs of your organization. You may end up with lots of software from several different developers. An expert managed services provider (MSP) like Online Computers can integrate these solutions so you don’t need to bounce back-and-forth between different platforms, streamlining your operations and making them more efficient and less costly.

Create a culture of transparency and improve your reputation
The same technology tools that boost revenues can also generate reports and audits without difficulty. This is important, as charitable organizations need to be fiscally transparent in order to establish a good reputation.

When you have an engaging online presence, a professional donation system, and a culture of transparency in place, you raise your organization’s brand and, in turn, its influence.

Get the most out of technology with an MSP

Online Computers can help you maximize all the advantages that technology has to offer. We have the experience and expertise to help charitable organizations in Hanover, Morristown, and Madison make smart use of their IT solutions. And we’ll make sure all your donation channels are safe and secure from hackers and cyber attacks.

Contact our experts today, so we can provide recommendations and come up with a customized plan for IT services that won’t break your bank.

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