Why SMBs need cybersecurity

Why SMBs need cybersecurity

Small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) tend to be lax when it comes to cybersecurity. A recent survey shows that small-business owners believe they are safe from cyberthreats, yet most have no formal security policies in place.

The truth is that SMBs haven’t experienced a cyberattack that has actually impacted their operations. They often jump to conclusions like "This can't happen to us; our business is too small" or "Who would even try to hack us? I don't have data anyone wants." But these assumptions are far from being true.

An attack on a small business with 50 employees won’t make headlines anywhere. You then fall victim to your own confirmation bias: If you don’t hear about it happening, you assume it isn’t. That’s dangerous thinking for a small business, because cyberattacks don’t just happen to big companies.

It’s about time SMB owners think differently and take data protection from these types of cyberthreats seriously. How should SMBs go about increasing their cybersecurity and reducing risks for a cyberattack? Here are some tips:

Educate employees with security awareness training

Frequently, cybersecurity breaches stem from human error. These mistakes are easily preventable if you foster a culture of security awareness in your organization. It is imperative to teach your staff the importance of data privacy, the procedures in place to protect your company’s data, and how to recognize the signs of a breach.

Security awareness training is one of the most effective ways to prevent a cyberattack against your business. The majority of threats arrive at your employee’s inbox through phishing scams and other attacks, and training your employees how to defend against such threats is a necessary component in a business’s digital security strategy.

Protect data with unique passwords

Keep in mind that hackers can guess passwords in mere minutes using automated software. When your business needs to store sensitive data on a network, it is essential to maintain strong authentication procedures by setting unique passwords.

Also, require individual accounts/passwords for each of your employees and implement a system that requires passwords to be reset every 90 days.

Look to experts for help

Most SMBs can’t afford to keep a full-time cybersecurity expert on staff. One option is to bring in a specialized contractor on a project basis. Your company can tap into expert talent for more complex cybersecurity threats, like cloud-based security protocols, without paying steep fees for a full-time expert.

As a business owner, you have the responsibility to keep your customers' information safe. And with 43% of cyberattacks aimed at small businesses, your company could be next.

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