6 Cloud Computing Services That All Businesses Use

6 Cloud Computing Services That All Businesses Use

Online Computers uses cloud computing to deliver IT services and solutions to clients. As more organizations realize the power of the cloud, these services become a larger part of their business operations. From online storage, to emails and chat apps, everything is located in the cloud.

But cloud computing offers much more than data storage or email programs. It also provides tools. It’s so useful that you may have been using cloud computing solutions for a long time now. But let's see what services are most popular and whether your business can benefit from them.

Social Media

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook allow you to connect with friends and new acquaintances alike. While searching for people, you tend to share private information, and as it turns out, not just with your friends, but also with the people running the platform. For social media to run efficiently, the cloud must be able to store data and manage it in real time.

Data Analytics

Business owners, CFOs, and Sales Managers can use cloud computing to tap into any organizational data and study it for patterns, make predictions, and look for future trends. Cloud solutions allow data mining, too, by offering robust tools and greater processing power. So if your firm uses HPCC, Cassandra, or Hadoop, you have efficient data gathering tools at your disposal.

Backup and Recovery

If your company chooses a managed services provider like Online Computers for its data storage solutions, they’ll be responsible for keeping your information secure. It is up to your cloud computing vendor to safeguard your data and meet compliance and legal requirements. This will eliminate the need to build infrastructure and maintain it by yourself onsite.

Cloud computing also provides real-time backups and large storage for files. Recovery activities are also faster when done in the cloud, since data is stored within a group of physical servers instead of an on-site data center. Common cloud backup services include Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Productivity apps like Google Docs and Microsoft Office utilize cloud computing, allowing everyone in your company to share spreadsheets, presentations, and documents over the Internet -- from any place at any time. Because your data is stored in the cloud, you don't have to worry about data loss even if your device gets damaged, lost or stolen.


Cloud computing lets your employees use communication apps such as Slack and Skype. And since all your information and messages are stored in the provider’s hardware instead of the user’s device, you can access your information from anywhere there’s an internet connection.


Online Computers offers scalable resources via different subscription models. This means that your organization will pay only for the cloud computing resources it utilizes, and allows you to handle increased demand without having to purchase more hardware.

Netflix, for example, has to deal with surges in their server load during peak times because they are an on-demand video streaming service. They were able to leverage cloud computing by migrating their data centers to the cloud. This allowed the company to take in more viewers from all over the world without having to purchase more servers or data centers.

Cloud computing is here to stay, and it continues to provide businesses with sophisticated IT solutions. If you want to unlock the potential of the cloud for your company's benefit, get in touch with Online Computers today!

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