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Network Security Solutions

For every added benefit and advantage of technology in business, there is a risk. While technology allows us to communicate around the wall, track our progress, move faster and get more done, we also generate and store sensitive data and information. This can include contact information about your employees or customers, credit card information, proprietary data about products and systems, financial information and data regarding your business.

Your data must be protected from outside threats.

Online Computers offers comprehensive Security and Firewall solutions that keep all this information safe. We also keep you safe from viruses, malware and other harmful elements. We’ll install the very best firewalls and maintain it to make sure its up and running at all times.

We always recommend that our clients use a Cisco Meraki Security Appliance for their main layer of defense against these threats. The Meraki features 100% cloud based management for security, networking and application control. Its other features include:

Identity Based Firewall

Intrusion Prevention

Auto VPN

Content Filtering

Advanced Malware Protection

High Availability and Failover

Application Visibility and Control

Centralized Management

If none of this means anything to you, that’s okay, because Online Computers can install, manage and maintain this firewall for you. And you can focus on your bottom line or your mission, knowing that your data and tech are safe. You’ll experience peace of mind, increased productivity and clearer focus knowing that your information is safe and secure.

The cost of the hardware and service pay for themselves many times over by preventing financial damage that can result from losing customers, getting attacked by harmful viruses or malware and having to replace your technology, decreased productivity from dealing with crises or any other number of problems that stem from a lack of security. Online Computers prevents these harmful occurrences and much more from hurting your organization.



When it comes to technology, we understand how much of a financial impact it can have on your business. It can be difficult monitoring the efficiency and productivity of internal IT departments, let alone understand what they actually do.


We offer a comprehensive suite of professional IT services, including:


Managed IT Services

IT Consulting

Business Continuity


Our client partners range from large corporations to small business, healthcare companies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


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