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IT Consulting

Is technology a challenge for your organization? Does your IT staff have difficulty getting your information systems to communicate with each other? If so, it might be time to consider IT consulting services from Online Computers. Our CEO Carl Scalzo leads a team of highly skilled certified consultants and technicians. Together our team is committed to helping our clients derive maximum value from their technology investment. Online Computers will work closely with your business, school or non-profit organization to ensure you implement and utilize the right systems for your needs. Our IT professionals won’t stop until we achieve optimum operational efficiency for your network.

Technology is meant to aid the growth process, not prevent it.

At Online Computers we take a proactive, hands-on approach to IT consulting that truly separates us from the competition. Our team’s highly developed skill-set allows for superior insight into how best to align your information technology systems with your primary business strategies. We know many IT consulting firms make similar claims. However at Online Computers we have a proven track record of developing business critical solutions that keep companies moving in the right direction. Technology and the management of information should not be a drain on your company’s resources. Rather, they should be viewed as a tool that helps improves organizational efficacy and generates revenue.

As Virtual CIO, we can help you make decisions about technology.

Choosing the right hardware and applications to meet your business’s unique objectives requires several things. Foremost, you must possess an acute knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT) systems. Due to an inordinate number of choices in the marketplace choosing the right ICT system can require a tremendous amount of research. However with a Virtual CIO, you enjoy the benefits of a seasoned expert that will provide onsite IT consulting. Our team also possesses the knowledge to assists with decisions involving IT strategy planning, IT investment strategy, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. We also utilize industry best practices to troubleshot and correct issues with cloud network security threats, intrusion protection, and critical business applications.

Expert IT consulting results in true business intelligence.

Online computers will work with your organization’s senior leadership and current IT team to augment your technological resources and address any other areas of concern. We proudly support over 10,000 workstations and 500 servers for 125 clients across nine states including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Nevada. And with years of experience in the IT field – we know our stuff. The business intelligence of our highly trained and certified staff is one of the most valuable benefits of partnering with Online Computers. For us, it’s about more than just 0s and 1s. Ultimately, our higher purpose is to find great people to work with and help their organization develop to its fullest potential.



When it comes to technology, we understand how much of a financial impact it can have on your business. It can be difficult monitoring the efficiency and productivity of internal IT departments, let alone understand what they actually do.


We offer a comprehensive suite of professional IT services, including:


Managed IT Services

IT Consulting

Business Continuity


Our client partners range from large corporations to small business, healthcare companies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


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