Server Downtime: Plan to Keep Your Data Safe

Date : 08 Feb 2017

posted By : Evan

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 Server downtime.

Server downtime. Two words that send a chill down the spine of any business owner or management team. When your employees can’t access the information on the company’s server, your entire business grinds to a halt. While the exact cost of downtime varies from business to business one thing is for sure – server downtime costs your company valuable time and resources. Therefore it is important to have a reliable plan in place to minimize the likelihood of server downtime and get your business up and running with as little data loss as possible.

Here are a few things to consider when creating a server downtime plan for your business:

Automate your recovery system.

If your company is still backing up data using a manual, human powered recovery system it’s time to think about automation. Implementing an automated system to back-up your companies data is helpful for two reasons. First, it removes the element of human error. This may sound a bit cold however human error is to blame for data loss in many situations. Second, an automated recovery system can be scheduled so information is sent to a back-up server almost as it’s being generated. This greatly reduces the likelihood of data loss during server downtime.

Know that virtual servers can fail.

Virtual servers are the most reliable and popular way to safely and securely store data. And it’s true. Companies using virtual servers are statistically at a reduced risk of downtime and information loss. However virtual servers can still fail! And if/when your company’s virtual server does fail your “back-up plan” is gonna need a “back-up plan.” Of course an emergency plan such as this one will be different based on each company’s individual needs. Begin by considering what applications are essential to you company’s functionality. The create a plan to get these applications up and running as quickly as possible and build from there.

Make sure your server downtime plan is effective.

Your server downtime plan is only effective if it works. The only way to know if it works it to test it on a regular basis. Regular testing and maintenance of your company’s downtime plan will ensure that it will still be effective when needed. IT professionals suggest that you test your company’s downtime plan ever three to four months.

Server downtime planning is an essential part of your company’s business continuity plan. If you have any questions about the reliability of any aspect of your business’s continuity plan contact one of our certified IT consultants today for a full evaluation.




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