Quick IT Audit - Four Ways to Keep Your Info Safe

Date : 01 Feb 2017

posted By : Evan


An IT audit is important step in ensuring your company’s sensitive information remains safe. However performing an IT audit for your company can be an overwhelming, Although it doesn’t have to be. Here are four points to consider when auditing the security of your company’s IT system.

Keep all security software up to date.

Cyber-criminals are constantly looking for weaknesses in your company’s IT security system. Luckily, so are the engineers maintaining your company’s firewall and data encryption systems. In a perfect world engineers will find the weakness before criminals and design a software update to keep criminals out. However these updates are only work if security software is regularly updated. Therefore it is essential all staff members download and install security updates as soon as they become available.

Only allow trusted applications access to your data.

Applications give your company the tools it needs to be effective. However they can also put your company’s data at risk. IT engineers attempt to keep data safe by surrounding it with an encrypted firewall. Once the data is secure engineers then grant access to outside applications. When cyber-criminals look for a way to access your data they will look for the easiest way in. And almost always access is gained through a corrupt application that already has permission to access your firewall. For this reason, be extra careful what applications are allowed access to your company’s firewall.

Know who is using your IT system and what they are doing there.

Keep a detailed log of all users that access your company’s information system. The log should include a listing of all secured information viewed and applications used during an individual’s session. User Activity Software can be useful for this purpose because it automatically generates a log like this each day. If properly configured, user activity software will automatically send an alert if it detects an suspicious activity on your network. This kind of software is an important and powerful tool for keeping track of who is on your network and what they are doing there.

Create a plan in the event of a information leak.

No matter how well your company prepares, a breach of information can happen. Almost half of all businesses in operation today have reported a breach of some kind to their IT system. Therefore it is vital for your company to have a plan should an breach occur. The type of measures that need to be included in your company’s backup plan will vary depending on your type of business. However, having a plan if an information leaks occurs reduces panic and limits damage to clients – and ultimately your company’s reputation.

If you have any questions about performing an IT audit for your company contact one of our consultants today. We have specialists available to evaluate the security of your network and come up with a custom network security solution to fit your business’s individual needs.


Author : Evan

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