Cloud Security: What You Need to Know

Date : 24 Jan 2017

posted By : Evan


Cloud Security Best Practices

cloud securityCloud security is a concern for almost every business. It’s unnerving to feel like sensitive information is dangling out in space, ripe for the picking of any hacker on the prowl. But information in the cloud is safer than it may seem.

Here’s a breakdown of how cloud security works and how to stay safe:


How does the cloud keep my information safe?

In a word encryption. Encryption keeps information secure by hiding it behind complex mathematical algorithms. Therefore, in order to access protected information potential hackers need the encryption key. Or a way to find it – which is possible. It is worth mentioning that information stored in a cloud is typically safer than information stored on the hardware of your computer. This is due to the encryption used by most clouds being many times more complex than the encryption protecting your computer.

If encryption is so secure – why are information leaks common?

Unfortunately, information leaks are a fairly common occurrence. Major corporations such as Apple, Yahoo and even the IRS have reported information leaks in the past year. However in each of these cases evidence suggests the cloud was not to blame for the security breach. Rather it was discovered that weak passwords were to blame for the lost information. Hackers were able to find an individual’s user name and guess their password or the answers to password reset questions. There was no need to even attempt to break in the encryption of the cloud security, weak passwords were to blame.

Can you count on the cloud?

Cloud storage seems relatively safe from hackers. But there are other factors that effect the security of information stored on a cloud. The reliability of the cloud storage company is important to consider when choosing a cloud provider. The information has to be able to be accessed when needed. Also, it’s important to consider the longevity of the company providing your cloud storage. You want to know they’ll be around for years to come protecting your data.

If you are concerned about the security of your business’s cloud we can help. Consult our IT professionals today for a complete audit of your company’s IT system.


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